Barter Collection

paintings of the portraits of the artists – gouache on paper, 12 x 8 cm
art collection exchange – various materials and media
since 2005

The main concept of project named Barter Collection is trading of artworks – portrait painting of particular artist is exchanged with one of his work. The portrait is made by Veronika Sramatyova and it is based on photography of the artist. In quest of building an own collection of contemporary art using this very specific key the new trades are made and the new portraits are done, where the owners of portraits are pictured artists and the owner of exchanged work is Veronika Sramatyova. The work on the project is still open and new trades are welcome.

„Among the individual themes which the artist has worked on, conceptualised paintings lie at the forefront, as in the abovementioned art events the reoccurring issue of the position of the art ist and the position of art in wider society appears, in particular in the context of domestic economic conditions specifically the growing art market. In the open project Barter Collection (running since 2005) the author has set up barter trade with selected renowned Slovak artists. The subject of the trade becomes a work of art which the author receives in exchange for a portrait of the artist. The painting with a standardised 8×12 cm format is created by hand from a photo-portrait. Therein lies the aim of the project whereby art acts as a market commodity in the creation of a private collection of contemporary art.“
– from text by Zuzana L. Majlingová (Veronika Šramatyová Catalogue, 2010)

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